hello friends

I hope you are well.

I would like to share with you a new project that I thought about in the last few months. We are always stressed and talk about our job/business for most of the day. As a result, we risk missing a lot of things happening around us. In the light to mitigate this nightmare,I thought of setting up a blog, called Pickett after the famous and unlucky general of Confederate Army in the American Civil War.

So I started this crazy project.

I am sharing the update of the list of topics published hoping to offer you a picture of the content of the articles. No contents about political parties but contents about politics, about our world in this confused moment, about our “ living together” in this chaotic period of the history of humanity.

Following the main topics featured so far on Pickett:

  • Pickett was born! The Blog to encourage debate
  • The three big challenges “ around the corner”
  • Combining sense of the law with the welcome of immigrants and sustainability of the project….can we start from here?
  • the value of Peace…..don’t underestimate it!
  • Democracy and its limits
  • Real Poverty or perceived Poverty? Is there a difference?
  • Do we need new Robin Hoods?
  • Fund raising: how to avoid waste and abuse
  • Words to dream: dreams to realazise……the Obama lesson.
  • Aren’t we all related? DNA as an instrument to fight against racism

Having said that, I would like to give you a brief summary of the last topic. I would like you to watch the video because , for me ,it is an extraordinary example of a clever combination of a sensitive topic like racism described through a funny story.

please watch the video and later read my comments.


ok ,you can read below.

The final verdict of the video,in my opinion, obliges us to reflect in a serious and frank way , while also laughing out loud.

The Pickett reflection is the following: all of us come from the same places; there is not a better race or a worse race; the political, geographic and social differences are reduced if we realize that we are part of each other, that we have in our bodies “ pieces” of other humans, even pieces of relatives.

And so? If we agree about it, Pickett strongly suggests sharing it, opening the debate, creating a cult as the author deserves.

Thanks to who thought of it, thanks to who made it, thanks to who shared it.

Thanks, finally, to Cathy, who helped me to create this english version.

Now, if we agree about the content, we must make it viral.

Riccardo Rossotto


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